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The essential toolbox for builders

Perp Inu offers you a new way to interact with Arbitrum.
It combines the fun of a meme-token, the utility of a toolbox and
the rewards of decentralization.

Degens will like it,
Builders will love it,
Perp Inu will make it!

Perp Inu combines utility and fun on Arbitrum.
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Perp Inu offers a suite of tools for developers and users of Arbitrum. The generated fees are redistributed to Perpi's stakers.

Perpi Ecosystem

Perp Inu is a


We all need a little fun and color in life! And even more so on the internet. Having a simple image allows us to reach more people, once people are intrigued, it's easier to introduce them to who you really are. That's the challenge we set ourselves with Perp Inu. Attracting people with our memes, making them stay for the tech.

Perp Inu is a


Utility is at the heart of what the blockchain revolution offers. And it is more necessary than ever to develop what our next generation will need to explore blockchain safely. From simple lockers to decentralized contest systems. Perp Inu will develop a suite of tools where everyone can find something to enjoy!

Perp Inu is a


A good project cannot succeed without a good community. Our different features will be created in collaboration with the community via a DAO. The fees generated by the different Perp Inu tools will be redistributed to the $PERPI token stakers. The token will also give you access to many advantages and bonuses on the community part of the project.

What do we offer?

The Perp Inu toolbox is composed of tools useful for all user profiles. Developers, investors, influencers, writers, our goal is to improve the daily use of the entire Arbitrum ecosystem.


Pro Univ3 Liquidity Locker



Lock, Re-Lock, Manage and Share to your community easliy your Uniswap V3 LP.


Perpi Staking


Users that stake $PERPI token will share revenues generated by all Perpi ecosystem. You can withdraw your tokens at any time.




Coming Soon...

Perpi will become your new Swiss Army Knife.

available on


coming soon on

Strategic Plan

Launch Phase (Q4 2022)

The launch phase of a project is always important and key steps are necessary to move forward.




Discord opened


First Tool on PerKit


Coingecko & CMC listing


Community recognition



Development Phase (Q4-Q1 2022-23)

Once established and recognized on Arbitrum, we will be able to propose more complex tools and develop our community.


Secret tools & features


Audits of tools


Partnership with larger projects


World Cup special event


Staking launch

Multiverse (Q1 and beyond...)

Once well established on Arbitrum, we aim to expand to other compatible EVM channels such as ZkSync, Polygon, etc.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Perlet 👀


What is Perp Inu?

Perp Inu is the first meme token combining utility and fun on Arbitrum. We offer useful tools for builders and on the other side, a sharing space for the community. Stakers of $PERPI will share the revenue generated by the tools.

Why is the team anonymous?

We believe that we should be free to remain anonymous if we wish. But on the other side you are also free to invest in the project. You can read our first medium post where we reveal a bit more about us and our ambitions.

Is the LP locked?

Yes, the liquidity was locked for 1 month on launch day. We plan to use our own PerpiLock tool to lock again the LP at the end of the first 30 days of launch. See the current lock.

Who can use the tools?

Most of our tools will be available to everyone. However we will reserve some tools for $Perpi token holders.

What is the circulating supply?

The number of $Perpi tokens is limited to 1,000,000.
10% of the supply is reserved for project development. So there are 900,000 tokens in circulation.
You can track the treasury wallet here.

How do I buy $Perpi?

Here's a quick overview of how to buy $Perpi.
- 1. Get an EVM wallet (Metamask, TWT, Rabby, etc.)
- 2. You can buy Ethereum (ETH) directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc.
- 3. Transfer your ETH from Ethereum Network to Arbitrum Network using a bridge (Orbiter, Connext, Bungee, Hop)
- 4. You are ready to get $Perpi by clicking on this link

For a more advanced tutorial, please click here or on our discord where the community will help you with pleasure.

Any fees while trading $Perpi?

We use Uniswap V3 which allows us to add a maximum of 1% transaction fee.